Enterprise-Grade Information Management built on SharePoint

Secure Search and Information Exchange (S2IX) is a platform designed for organisations requiring a highly secure business process automation solution. S2IX gives users the ability to safely collaborate and manage documents in an environment they can depend on, even in the most remote or challenging locations worldwide.

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EIM Alignment

S2IX aligns EIM strategy by enabling the mapping of localised information to centralised EIM structures. This drives full information management lifecycle  with the transparent categorisation of information during creation.

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S2IX allows governance, compliance, and policy adherence to function in the background for the end user, providing the ability to focus on day-today tasks. This structured collaboration is delivered through the tools and environments underpinning S2IX.

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Enhanced Security

Secure by design, S2IX uses claims-based security using clearance level, nationality, and caveats. Item level security goes further, with controlled access to content based on classification, caveats, and releasibility.

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Information Federation

Information follows individuals, granting them access anywhere, anytime; promoting agility. S2IX allows information exchange within and across organisational boundaries, retaining high levels of security isolation.

Availability and Discovery

Addressing the unique challenge of conducting missions, investigations and operations across challenging networks and dispersed locations, S2IX provides self-contained, connected, synchronising nodes.

Deployed Processes

During the lifetime of an activity, a number of business processes occur around the compilation and flow of information. Using forms and workflows and rapid development S2IX can turn unstructured information into highly-structured information and then guide it through the process of compilation, authorisation and release.