About S2IX

An idea...

The Secure Search and Information Exchange was originally born of a need to provide the Australian (and later, New Zealand) Defence Force with a solution to a problem they had always faced; the inability to collaborate efficiently, effectively, securely, and reliably on a single platform across vast distances.

In "2016", Myriad Technologies Product Development Manager Nicholas Forbes began developing what was to become S2IX, and by early 2017, product testing was well underway to see how the platform would perform in actuality. In October of the same year, after multiple trials, the product reached approval status, making its cargo carpet debut at the Military Communications and Information Systems Conference. Huzzah!

As a platform, S2IX sets the precedent. It goes beyond automation, giving users more time to focus on important tasks, promoting productivity within organisations whose time is often their most sensitive, and valuable, asset. While S2IX was developed and deployed domestically, it was designed from a global perspective. Companies, organisations, and departments the world over can benefit from the power of S2IX.